Casper OG was developed by Archive Seeds by crossing Ghost OG with a Face Off OG Bx1 male, and has resulted in one of the most representative examples of the authentic OG Kush line. 
You could say that this strain is an acquired taste, as notes of pine, skunk, citrus, and diesel all blend together for a combination that’s pungent but not entirely unpleasant.Casper OG incorporates a pretty unique set of effects that will make her one of your new favorites.

While the strain is described as mellow in general, some do note a slight uptick in their energy levels, allowing them to get a few more tasks completed before sinking into relaxation. This bud’s claim to fame, however, is the happy and sleepy state you’ll be in with prolonged use.

The giggles might ensue and before long, you’ll feel hazy and ready to settle down for the night.With a steady enough dose, Casper OG can treat insomnia with the best of them, allowing users to get a complete night of sleep. Mental issues including stress or anxiety are also smoothed out with ease, and bodily pain is remedied with the strain’s CBD content.

Hunger does tend to strike for many who use this bud, so stock up on snacks and take an extra toke if you struggle with a lack of appetite or nausea. Although not widely reported, some do confirm that Casper OG can help with seizures as well.


70/30 Indica/Sativa

Casper OG